I logged on your website and was directed elsewhere, could you please contact me immediately as I am now concerned with the integrity of my purchase.With there not being a direct contact number where you can be reached I am at a crossroad and left with very few options. I would love to have my order completed and I was looking forward to becoming a faithful customer for you. I hope we can resolve this issue as fast as possible. I see that the problem with the site has been corrected to my delight. I am going to submit some alternate choices for the replica watches sale that was not available, please feel free to select and send which ever replica watches sale you run across first as I am very anxious to have this order processed. Please provide me with the tracking number once the replica watches sale order has been shipped. Also when I tried to log in to my account on the website I was not able to view my previous order. Thanks for all your help and feel free to contact me if needed. Please advise. I was actually requesting a copy of my bell ross watches sale order. When your site went down for that time period last month my account information was lost. Also with one of the bell ross watches sale out of stock and having to be replaced I just wanted some confirmation of what two bell ross watches sale were actually shipped to me. Do you know how long orders shipped to the US take to arrive, I have another order of hermes watches sale I want to purchase from you as soon as I receive the first hermes watches sale order.

I'm very disappointed that the hermes watches sale is out of stock. It's surprising why it was still shown on the website to give the false impression especially when immediate payment is expected for interested buyers. Send me the link for the longines watch sale you have attached. Is it an automatic watch and is the chronograph fully functional? I would like to choose other watches as a replacement if this longines watch sale is not up to mark. How about the other watch I ordered? Has it been sent out already? I noticed that most of the watches on your website now claim that the watches are of Japanese Quartz movement rather than automatic. I hope the other watch I ordered is automatic and has a fully functional chronograph. You mentioned that there is a price difference for the replacement watch I mentioned below, without even having the courtesy to inform me beforehand, so I was waiting for both watches to arrive for nearly a month already. If you are not going to replace it with the watch I mentioned, then I would like to ask for a refund. You can send over the other longines watch sale I ordered. I emphasize again that it must be an automatic and fully functional chronograph watch or I will ask for a refund for that one as well.